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Thread: Drill Press: Geared table, or use a counter-weight?

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    Ask a woodworker to "make your bed" and he/she makes a bed.

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    Here's Mine. I just happened to have the milwaukee drill from a job and never used it again, so i repurposed it. Just gotta be sure to loosen the table clamp before adjusting or bad things happen.





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    Often I move the table a long ways since wooden objects are not always 3/4" tall. Recently I have drilled the bottom of pieces of furniture for rubber feet. If the legs are splayed it's a lot easier to get them counterbored straight by just inverting the piece onto the table. Wish the table had more travel but most newer DP's won't let the table get lower than about 16" off the floor. Adding a lift mechanism will only constrain you more. I think the counterweight should work great. My father's manual lift without a crank always slid smoothly. It had no crank and you could get your foot slammed if you didn't hold onto the table when releasing it. Guess I'm going to give the counterweight approach a try.

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