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Thread: Cnc Shark HD4

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    Patrick, if machining soft metal ("really nicely") is a primary want/need for you in addition to wood and need to do what you need to do to get a stouter CNC for sure, even if it's a small one physically.

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    When I was doing my router research the Shark was one of the first machines I looked at. The iffy reviews and comments about flexing scared me off. After months more of research and hem-hawing I sprung for the Camaster Stinger 1. I have no regrets. Itís great to hit the go button and watch it do its thing without worry.

    Many cnc routers can cut aluminum and my Stinger does a good job at it, but it is not itís forte. What takes 2-4 passes with the router can usually be done in one pass on my conventional milling machine.

    Other than engraving, I will not cut any type of steel on my router.

    Hereís a few pics of a name badge for a Hot Wheels storage box I gave my grandson. The cnc router does a good job at this type of work, albeit a very messy one.
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    Whelp, checked it out tonight and brought it home for 1/7th retail. The water cooled spindle is surprisingly quiet. I yanked on the gantry a bit and didnít get nearly the flex that the YouTube guy did, so idk what was up with his machine. With that said, the majority of the machine is 1Ē thick plastic of some sort. Thereís more metal in the table than the gantry. For the price, I donít know how you would be satisfied with this machine. I just set it up and probably wonít get to play with it much before I head to Vegas for a convention for the week.

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