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Thread: Barn Sale.....

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio

    Barn Sale.....

    Second sale of the day we went to, this morning....4 items = $4.00

    two were a little small..
    May Barn Sale. 1.JPG
    Screwdriver is a North Bros. No. 30A, 3 patent date( spring is bad) and the square has a "Winchester" Trade Mark Made in USA etch. That saw plate with the nib?
    May Barn Sale, rip and panel.JPG
    belongs to the big rip saw...5-1/2 points..
    May Barn Sale, rip saw.JPG
    Bolts, but no medallion....
    May Barn Sale, split nuts.JPG
    Split nuts, at that. The smaller Panel saw?
    May Barn Sale, Simonds saw.JPG
    8 point, WS medallion, yet has an etch..inside a banner is "SIMONDS SAW CO."
    No cracks in either handle, no bends nor kinks in the plates. Handles are a tad small for my hands...only getting 3 fingers in there...

    Not too bad of a morning....despite be a very breezy 50 degrees outside?
    Looks like i have some clean up to do..

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    SE Ohio
    Nice score! Iím about 100 miles se from you. Today was humid, breezy & 70.

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    Steve, that ripsaw is a real beauty – I'm thinking maybe English or may be one of the smaller US manufacturers like Harvey Peace Vulcan Saw Works?

    Best, Mike

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    May have to make a screwdriver to fit those split I also have a Disston with them.....later this week, I'll try to clean the rust off better....May or may not find an etch.

    Barn Sale weekend continued today....different barn, is all...
    Russyltucky sales,mitre saw.JPG
    $4 mitre box with saw..
    Russyltucky, Logo.JPG
    A tad rusty....after about an hour in the rehab shop...
    Russyltucky Sales, rehab 1.JPG
    made some sawdust...
    Russyltucky sales, test drive.JPG
    Test cut..
    Russyltucky sales, result 1.JPG
    Close enough for the girls I go with....seems to be complete...saw is still quite sharp..
    Russyltucky, rusty.JPG
    What needed cleaned up...
    Russyltucky sales rehab 2.JPG
    Doesn't take all that long...saw was NOT clamped down to the workmate bench, either...

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Also spent a whopping 26 cents yesterday.....a penny for a screwdriver...
    Russyltucky, penny screwdriver.JPG
    Dad used to get a bag full of these kind of screwdrivers for Christmas almost every other year ( was a bit rough on them..)
    And, spent a quarter on a bag of screws...
    Russyltucky sales. quarter bag.JPG
    As I need to add some plywood to a metal framed gazebo....if'n when it stops raining...

    Town wide (and then some) garage sale day weekend.....Town is called Rushylvannia, OH....aka Russel-Tucky....

    I have two other events I plan to attend this year.....World's Longest Yard Sale ( 1st weekend in August) and the West Liberty, OH Tractor Fest, Labor Day weekend....takes 2 days of walking around, to see all the goodies....

    trying to arrange a trip to Virginia....for a group get I went to 2 years ago....

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    Steven, Where in Virginia and what type of event?

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Stumpy Nubs Get together....a weekend at Charles Neil's Shop. Wood, food, BS stories, and tools.....we have a get together each year.....depending on who is the host, decides where we go.
    IMG_0515 (640x480).jpgIMG_0512 (640x480).jpg
    Imagine those tables groaning under a load of food. Wood rock in the his cut-off bins.

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