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Thread: Simple Seed/Cutting Starter

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    Simple Seed/Cutting Starter

    A lot of my time is used for gardening. Over the years old milk jugs have been used for starting seeds. The bottom of a milk jug would be cut about 1-1/2" up from the bottom. Holes would be drilled or punched in the bottom. Then the corners of the top would be slit to help set them inside the bottom after it was filled with dirt and seeds were planted.

    This year for making cuttings the dirt needed to be deeper so boxes were made of scrap 1X6:

    Neander Greenhouse?.jpg

    Vee or U notches were cut in the corners of the jug so it could fit over the corners of the box. The box is ~6" square. Check your local milk jugs if you try this, sizes may vary.

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    Costco chicken trays make cool little green houses for seed starting.

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