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Thread: Any quality hacksaws out there?

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    Any quality hacksaws out there?

    I am in need of a Hacksaw for cutting metal... I do it so rarely so I dont want a machine to do it. Just a lowly hacksaw will do it for me.

    But, do you have any suggestions for a quality product with good blades?

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    I have an older version of the lenox high tension frame. It's seen fairly hard use and has held up well. You can put a lot of tension on the blade and you can store a few extra blades inside the frame. I tend to use lenox blades as well and have no complaints with them. They've changed the design of the tensioner on the newer model, but it still has a nice large lever for setting the tension instead of the small knob you see on many saws.

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    I too use the Lennox saw and blades and have found them to be very good.

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    I third the lennox. Walked in to lee valley one day and bought it for $20 .

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