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Thread: New Porch

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    New Porch

    To replace a small, very dangerous thing...Porch project, existing.JPGbad step, no railing, no handrail to use the step. Even the Post Office complained!
    So..Single Brain Cell Sketch Up came up with a plan,,,took the plan to the Blue BORG,,,ordered all the materials...and spent over a week in the build..
    Porch Project post. front view.JPGFront Gate install, final fitting.JPG
    Even added a gate..
    Front Gate install, stowed away.JPG
    That swings in, and out of the way. Even had to replace the beat up old screen door...
    Screen Door install, done.JPG
    And a new porch light...seems to be an improvement over the existing porch.
    had to work on the back porch gate over this past weekend....not too bad, for an Old Carpenter?

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    That was a very good idea to make for a safer and more useful entry area for the home. Great job!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Well done, Stephen. You and the Mrs will get a lot of good use out of that porch.

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    Those Victorian doors are often used in the wrong places, but yours fits in well. I think you should open a B&b.

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    I would call that a "major" improvement. Very nicely done, should make the Postman smile.

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    That's a really good furniture. I like the color and design. That would look good with new Fortuny Lamp Would you agree so?

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