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Thread: First Purchase of a Laser Engraver/Cutter

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    First Purchase of a Laser Engraver/Cutter

    Hi everyone! I've been reading these forums for some time but never made an account.

    After using a shared laser engraver for small projects for a while, I want to buy my own. I have taken a look at Boss/Epilog/Trotec but they're all out of my price range. I then started looking for eBay and other Chinese laser engravers.

    Currently have some price quotes for 80W 1000x800mm lasers from Triumph and RayFine. I'm leaning towards RayFine as they gave me a better price for what I'll be getting though I have some questions about what extras/spare parts I should buy.

    Here is roughly what I'm quoted for right now:

    • RF-1080 RECI W2 90W - $3200USD
      • CW5000 Chiller
      • Red dot pointer
      • Motorized up and down table
      • Air pump/Exhaust fan (I already have this so I won't need it)
      • RUIDA Controller

    • Shipping to Toronto - $250USD (This seems low?)

    What are some extras or spare parts that are recommended to buy? I'll be doing both engraving and cutting on wood/acrylic. I'm not sure if I'll be using the rotary but it would be nice to have, for which there are three options:


    I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

    Also if anyone else is in Canada and have shipped a laser from China I would love to hear your shipping/customs experiences.
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