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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    6 May 2019

    It’s been a crazy week at work and it’s looking like it’s going to be another week like last week. My back is much better now and I’m able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a long time now. I have a local business that contacted me this weekend asking me to build a table top for their new store. I have a meeting with them tomorrow.

    That’s it for me, so what did you do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Per other posts in the Neanderthal area, I attended the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival in Adrian, MI on Saturday, and the American Society of Period Furniture Makers event at the Detroit Institute of Art on Sunday. Both enjoyable, and got to meet a few fellow creekers.

    Spent a little time getting mad at a piece of mahogany that just doesn’t seem to want to take a french polish well in spite of some meticulous grain filling and sanding, resanding/start over, twice..had to walk away from that for awhile.

    Got some time and decent weather to do a bit of yard work/ was a beautiful afternoon on Sunday.

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    'Glad you're feeling better, Dennis!

    Not a whole lot of new woodworking this past week for me but it was still busy, nonetheless. I finished up the "Bunny Gate" project for our home and will add that to the Woodworking Projects area shortly. I also got my cyclone bin sensor wired up and ready for programming. The lawn got mowed, my younger daughter completed her sophomore year at Penn State and my new ride arrived...prompting a trip to a Festool road-show event, a stop at Hearne for some goodies and meeting a distant cousin that I recently was connected to on via DNA. This week...probably some gardening work, shop cleanup and, perhaps, starting on a new project of which I haven't decided on what yet.

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    Milled some curly cherry to final dimensions for a shaker end table using The Wood Whisperer Guild plans/notes/etc...

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    Milled some ash for a friend who is building a high end dining table for a client.

    Rebuilt the bandsaw guides in my Oliver 192, fresh bearings, should be good to go.

    Tore into the Whitney 177, got it ready to put into service. Should have it running next weekend.

    Got my Performax drum sander moved into position and ready to set up.

    Turned several bowls.

    Got some logs for green wood bowl blanks.

    Roughed several bowl blanks on my Powermtic 87.

    Arranged to do some more electrical work in a friends work shop.

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    Got my workshop renovation just about finished. It made a big difference in being able to move around the shop. I also finally set up my table saw that was sitting in storage for awhile. I need to adjust the tape on my fence rail. I set it for 1 inch, but getting readings of .977". Now on a rip of 12" long the front of the piece was .977 and the back was .975". I find that sufficient.

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    Well, I didn't get murdered... My fiance returned from her gig in North Caralina, and she was okay with the way I kept the house clean.

    We picked up a walnut slab for our bartop. 99" x 16" x 2", cost us $130. May end up a touch narrow, by about a 1/2", but that is only for about 6" or so. Close enough. Then we went and picked up 1100 sq. Ft. of flooring for the basement. Just using laminate flooring down there. This was $1.69 /sq ft. And as a bonus, the foam underlayment was included.

    The weather finally got warm enough to put out some weed and feed, so I did that Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yesterday I repainted some of the trim on the outbuilding. Hopefully, I will get to the rest this upcoming weekend.

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    I built a fliptop stand for my grinder and my spindle sander. Sketched out plans for an outfeed table. Hopefully get that done in the next week or so.

    I took my son to St. Louis on Friday to watch the Blues. I know very little about hockey, but we had a blast. Otherwise, played with my recently rescued dog and hung out with the family.

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    not so good


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    I just about have my Mastermind game finished. It started out by wondering what to do with some small scraps of maple, and ended up with a few hundred painted pcs, a game board, 2 finger jointed boxes and a bag made from an old shirt pocket. As for non- wood related, I replaced the carb on my 1985 troybilt horse tiller and tilled the main garden in the back. Then yesterday at my community garden space I weeded my strawberry bed, then hand turned an 8x12 foot bed and an 8x25 foot bed. Also started work on a freebie troybilt Junior tiller this week that was in a pile of metal destined for the scrap yard. If I can restore it, it will be great for using between rows in the garden and for small projects.
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    Built some floating style shelves for my son and a slider barn style door for our pantry ,got it all sanded and ready for some plants in the ground too...was a nice weekend finally to get the driveway full of wood tools and sawhorse tables.....
    I can sure make a mean pile of Saw Dust !!!

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    No furniture projects this weekend, but some stuff around the shop (aka: the garage). I had a malfunctioning arbor block in my table saw (SawStop PCS) which required replacement - so I spent several hours dissasembling the saw and replacing that part. Fortunately, it fixed the problem and now the saw is great again. I also started building a sound-attenuating enclosure for my new dust collector (ClearVue 1800 with the (oversize) 16" impeller from the CV max, 6" intake). Upstairs the noise is no bad at all, but in the garage tucked in that cinder block crner, it' darn loud I used 2x6 for the top and bottom plates with studs arranged so that the sound is transmitted less-easily from through the walls. I have some mass-loaded vinyl on the ceiling and 2 layers of 2" rockwool insulation. The motor is 2" below the ceiling so not much room over the top for thicker material. And I am trying to seal all gaps with acoustic sealant. Haven't made the door yet, obviousy, and still a ways to go wth the rest of it. I will need to replace the rubber motor electrical cord with amored cable and add lots more insulation. I will probably use some hardybacker or cement board for the final layer - more mass...

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