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Thread: Indian Rosewood milling

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    Indian Rosewood milling

    I live in an area of FL where we have numerous trees that would be considered exotics. One is the Indian Rosewood or Sissoo. I was able to get the trunk milled to 11/4, 8'6" length with widths up to 48", 85 bd ft slab, and still have another 10'6" x 40". I saved 90% of the tree, so I have a glutton of smaller logs that I still have to mill Any thoughts on if it would be better to cut in 4/4 lumber, or cut for turning blanks. I would estimate about 6000 bd ft still to be milled. I have thought about leaving some of the crotch pieces in log form for woodturners. But, i need to move some of the wood, so my wife can understand why I bought the mill in the first place. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    That some gorgeous looking wood in the first pic. As for woodturners, keep in mind the large USPS Flat Rate Box is 12"x12"x5.5". Saving some 4" to 5.5" thick bowls blanks around 8" to 12" wide would be nice, and 1.5" to 3" thick pieces can be used for platter blanks. Here's a good list of the nominal sizes need for blanks:

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