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Thread: Scrap wood in the BBQ ccooker

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    A friend, who loves to barbecue, takes all the fruit wood scraps I can give him. Recently he took a whole bunch of persimmon scraps.

  2. Some time ago I used to use woods for BBQ, but recently, I've bought an electric grill. Yes, it looks more like a big steak grill pan, but anyway, I realized how comfortable it is! It's a small and portable electric grill, which I take everywhere with me, when leave home for a while. I use my Weber Q2400 all the time when I need to cook vegetables, meat, fish, even toasts...everything. I like the thing that I don't need any "fuel" for it, but I really miss the smell of the open fire and its smoke.
    I can say, that I exchanged this piquant taste of fire for practicality.

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    Though my first choice is still the ole charcoal brisquit with a few scraps of wood on the faithful Weber. When having to use gas or propane I have a small stainless bowl\cup I place some shaving in and let them get smoking. It does add enough smoke for flavor. I've seen others brush the grilling surface with a diluted liquid smoke product.

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    I use White Oak scraps occasionally as well as Cherry. My go-to is Apple or Pecan wood. I buy those in lemon size chunks that have been kiln dried. I've always been wary of using local orchard wood. We have tons of it around here when they prune the orchards but it gets sprayed every year with pesticides. I wonder if that winds up permeating the wood?
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