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Thread: Sometimes it just needs a good whack

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    Sometimes it just needs a good whack

    I hadn't used my Milwaukee router in a while and when I turned it on I got nothing. Took it apart ,found nothing, put it back together nothing. Checked the plug, nothing, checked the cord, nothing, fiddled with the switch, nothing .Finally I gave it a good whack and it started right up.😊

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    LOL, yep sometimes a good whack is all it takes.
    Sounds like the brushes were stuck and that "whack" knocked them loose.
    Glad you got it running again.

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    Sounds like you earned yourself a new nickname.
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    It works for my wife. If i am just sitting around, she gives me whack to get me back to work . . . .

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    My old drill press gets used frequently but it nearly got the whack yesterday. I'm thinken it's the switch that needs the whack.

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    So instead of being the router whisperer you are the router whacker.
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