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Thread: A Caddy for Seasoning bottles

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    A Caddy for Seasoning bottles

    More of the re-sawn Ash....handle is just a dowel, nothing fancy, brass nails and glue, plywood bottom...Daughter is using it to hold her bottles of seasonings...
    Ash Tote for remotes, PIP3.JPG
    Dividers are notched, so the center one locks the others in place..
    Ash Tote for Remotes, PIP2.JPG
    Countersunk brass screws to attach the dowel handle..
    Ash Tote for remotes, PIP, bottom.JPG
    Bottom is just some 5mm Luann Plywood, glued and brass nailed in place.
    Finish is just a blend of Puritan Pine and Dark Walnut stains....she didn't want any varnish on it...used for those bottles of grill seasoning and "rubs"...
    She like it

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    ..A caddy from Daddy. Good going, Dad.

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    Since retirement those are my kind of projects and daughters seem to make those more special.

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