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Thread: Installing a Thru-Hull

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    Installing a Thru-Hull

    Last weekend I drilled a hole in the bottom of the new-old boat for a 3/4" water inlet. When it came to a backing plate/block, I was unsure how to proceed. A couple of guys in the boatyard built their own boats so I asked them. One had a piece of 1/4" G10. I had a wood block in my hand and was asking him what he thought. Then he handed me the G10 and recommended I drill out a few backing discs.

    I had an assortment of hole saws with me, the largest was 4". It fit the flange feet with little to spare. Here's how it went:

    • Made three 4" dia. plates
    • Drilled out (2) 1" holes for the thru hull
    • Drilled two plates for the flange and countersunk one
    • Epoxied them to the hull

    And that's how I left it. We are going back Sunday to install the seacock and the triducer. I'm curious to see how well the epoxy held up. I'll take pics of the installation Sunday.
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    Where's Miss Julie

    Two weeks today since Miss Julie was last heard from. Wondering what's happened. Thinking of listing possibilities and making book for the forum.

    • New through-hull failed and boat sank: 5,000:1
    • Left for home and ran onto a sand bar in the waterway, waiting for Spring tide: 22.5:1
    • Fell overboard in the Okeechobee canal and got taken by a gator: 17:1
    • Ran away to Key West to party: 1:3

    Only $20 to enter.
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    Gimme $60 on Key West. The check is in the mail.
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