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Thread: Chainsaws and Oil Leaking

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    I have a stihl, alpina, and a couple dolmars that leak some bar oil. The only saw i have that does not leak some oil is a dolmar i machined the oil pump connections to more positively seal.

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    I have a Stihl 250 and 361. The 250 always leaks, the 361 is always clean. The shop says it is not abnormal.

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    LOL: I have both a Stihl and an Echo. They both leak. I just store them on a piece of cardboard that absorbs most of the oil. I do the same when transporting them.
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    Most of my chainsaws leak at least a little oil in storage. The ones that don't leak (MS361) also don't provide enough oil to the bar in use.

    I'd rather have the former than the latter.

    I put cardboard under them when I store them, and replace it when it gets saturated.

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    Yes, mine have all leaked. The best solution is to store them in a way that the leakage doesn't damage anything and then forget it. It really isn't worth any further worry IMO.

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    Mine all leak also, but the Stihl's leak, and oil runs out of the Echo. The only Echo I have is a little top handled, climbing saw. They all set on scraps of plywood in the shop building that they stay in.

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    My Stihl's all leak, so I keep each one sitting on an old cookie sheet so the floor dosen't get oiled. You just have to check each one before use to top off the oil.

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    My 018 leaks enough that I put several layers of paper towel under it in it's case. My 290, not so much.
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    They leak because they oil slowly siphons out. You have to set them so the oil jet is above the oil tank. My brother hangs his from the handle, nose down, over a 5 gallon bucket.

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    My Stihl leaks and in fact I've never owned a chainsaw that didn't leak. I think its just par for the course.


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    Get a plastic container that is big enough to store it in.
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    My ms250 started leaking the oil out, dropped it off for repair and they replaced the lid. Just noticed my newest ms291 is losing oil, so time for a new cap.

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    Not familiar with echos but, in many cases there should be a screw governing the flow of bar oil. Utube may be helpful with something like that. I have to agree with others that knowing your chain is being lubed versus not is a good thing. I also agree that storing it on a piece of plywood or similar. If its draining oil faster than the occasional drip then the solution may be taking it into a shop.

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    My EGO leaks.

    No one owning up to owning a Martha Stewart Living chainsaw???!!!???
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    I have a Makita electric and it drips bar oil from the oiler when I hang it by the handle. I queried Makita and they said it was normal. So, I just drain the oil when I'm done with it. Aggravating but better than cleaning up a mess. I always wondered if others had the same problem.

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