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Thread: Wayward Grocery Carts

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    I find it hard to return the carts where I shop. All the handi cap parking is up front close to the store entrance but theres zero cart returns with in a 100 ft. why don't they put a cart return near the handi cap parking?? That would be to easy
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    I avoid Walmart because customers typically leave their carts wherever and I'm afraid one of them will end up blowing into the side of my car. We do shop at Sam's and there we have to do a cart inspection because at least half of their carts won't drive straight.
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    I was at a strip mall the other day and went to several stores. We left a store and pushed the cart towards our car which was a small distance away. All of a sudden the wheels locked solid when we passed a buried wire. The electric safety mechanism kicked in. We had to carry our bags the rest of the way and I could barely drag the cart back to the corral. That cart probably has a flat spot if it was pushed back using the electric cart wrangler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Lehnert View Post
    We made a switch to the quarter carts at the company I worked for. Did not last long. Customers were mad.

    You hope people would just be considerate and return the cart anyway. Kinda sad if you think about it.
    A lot of people do not carry cash today.

    How are you going to find a quarter for a shopping cart if you do not carry cash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    A lot of people do not carry cash today.

    How are you going to find a quarter for a shopping cart if you do not carry cash?

    We have an official "Aldi's quarter" that lives in the drink tray in the van specifically for this purpose

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