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Thread: Cutting Small Circles???

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    I have used a Jasper jig to make precise circulat cutouts in several projects. For through cuts, both the cutout and periphery need to be secured to a backer board. Double-stick tape works fine for the periphery.

    The jig uses a 1/8" centering pin that protrudes no more than 1/4" (the thickness of the base) above the workpiece. I drill through through the workpiece into the substrate about 1/2" and use a sufficiently long length of 1/8" brass rod. This lengthened center pivot keeps the cutoff in place.
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    Another vote for the Jasper jig. And double sided tape or a spot of hot melt glue to locate a pivot point waste block.
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  3. I actually just did something like this for my brother. He needed trim rings for pendant lighting so i used a 6" holesaw and a 2-1/2" on the ring left by the 6". then I used a roundover bit and a bit of light sanding. I used 1/2" MDF for this

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