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Thread: Band saw blade size and burning

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    This sticky is one of the best in any woodworking forum, and even better that it deals with bandsaw blades. I suggest you read it all from beginning to end. You'll be far wiser on the otherside. Don't forget to contact Iturra Designs either and request their catalog.!
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    The only way to mount a bandsaw blade with the teeth backwards is to turn it inside out. I ran one once that way, for a moment, it was when I switched to a new sharpening service for our sawmill blades and the guy turned all of the blades inside out to sharpen them on his equipment. It only takes a moment to flip them around, and he does a lot better job making the blade sharp with no burrs than the old (now closed) place did. It did sort of cut backward, but not well at all.

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