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Thread: I know, you're all gonna say, "Well, Duh!!!"

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    I know, you're all gonna say, "Well, Duh!!!"

    Well, I've had a week using my new Sawstop ICS. 5HP, 3-phase as I now have 3-phase in my new shop. I replaced my Sawstop contractor saw with it.

    OMG!!!!!!! What a difference. It's not just the power. It's the smoothness of all operations. Everything seems effortless with it. I had modified my contractor saw to dramatically improve its dust collection (which did work), but the dust collection is far superior on the ICS.

    It was quite the experience taking it out of the crate (thank God for the overhead hoist), and lifiting it on its mobile cart, which is also fantastic.

    Yes, it costs about 3 times more, but...

    What an upgrade!!!
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    Congrats on your new saw! Enjoy it

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    Awesome man. I just looking forward to the day I can upgrade to the contractor saw you just upgraded from. Will be a huge upgrade from my dewalt dwe7491rs lol

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    "Well, Duh!!!"

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    Tsk, tsk, tsk... You know what they say? No pictures.... didn't happen ;-)


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    I can't wait to upgrade also. I am using a Jet Contractor saw and while I have build tons of projects with it, i've outgrown it at this point and also want the safety of the sawstop. My son, age 12 is getting into woodworking and within a few years, he'll be past using the drill press, planer and palm sanders so I will use that as my 'excuse' to spend 3K

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    No its just the new blade

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    Congrats! LOVE my ICS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lightstone View Post
    ..........Yes, it costs about 3 times more, but...Everything seems effortless with it.........What an upgrade!!!
    Funny how that works, the more you pay the better it "feels". Glad you like it!!!!

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    Congrats! Can't wait until I can get my first big-boy saw..

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