I don't want to regrind any gouges, unnecessarily removing metal. I only want to put the edge back on the gouges using the leather honing wheel.Scheppach don't provide any videos on how to do it or anything else of any help, using their angle guide or any of their jigs. I have all or most of the Scheppach kit, truing jig, stone grader, various jigs as well as several Tormek jigs.
I seem to just be going round in circles trying to find out how to do what I want to do.
YouTube videos all mostly cover sharpening plane irons on the stone, not honing the gouges. Trying to cross reference to techniques used by Grizzly, Triton etc wet stone grinders, there YouTube videos is a dead end, often using different angle gauges to the Scheppach version.
I'm looking for someone who has a Scheppach wet stone grinder and can clearly explain how I hone gouges on it?