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Thread: 16x20 or 12 x 16 ish build or buy

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    Pick your building before you do your concrete work... It's not just about size, but, for example, the metal building may have some specific requirements for tie-down, etc., that are less flexible than stick-built.

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    If it were me I would check with the local storage building guys. When I was investigating building this shop I stopped at several and discovered they were a practical solution. Essentially they build them two ways: As a storage shed or as a garage. The garage type has a reinforced floor to support a car.

    They would also add windows, change door if so desired, etc. Very willing to customize them to a point. The price was way, way less than I could build one that size for. My plan was to insulate it, etc.

    I did not go that route because my better half wanted a shop too and local codes here did not allow the addition of two more out buildings on the property. So I needed a much larger building and had one of the local storage building folks do the framing and get the shell in place. Worked out great!

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