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Thread: What type size fire extinguisher?

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    What type size fire extinguisher?

    What do you keep in the laser room?
    Finishing up the "studio corner" in the basement for the laser and 3D printer.

    Was thinking about a 5# CO2 extinguisher.
    What does everyone else have? why?


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    A water mister sits next to the laser, and is all I've ever needed to date. A Kidde 10BC 35# CO2 extinguisher about 8 feet away, by the exit door (I wanna be between the door and the laser if things might get dicey!). A large fire blanket in a pull-down bag hangs on the fume extractor/filter, again, between the door and laser.

    A 5-10# extinguisher is only good for 5-9 seconds of discharge at most, so you only have a quick spritz and it had better work, or you need a plan B. The 35# CO2 is supposed to be good for about 30 seconds of discharge. Lots of cold and oxygen displacement, plus some velocity to help blow out flames but, if that's not working or doesn't finish the job, yank the fire blanket from its bag, toss it over the machine, get the heck out, and call 911.

    I chose CO2 because there is no liquid to cause electrical problems, no powders that are a pain to clean up afterwards, nothing corrosive that will further damage the machine, and relatively inexpensive compared to similar alternatives.

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    I use the "insurance will give me $270k insurance coverage amount on a $110k left on loan extingisher". From a 2 story to a 1 story rancher since the kids are all gone now policy. Let it burn baby. lol

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    I have a 10lb CO2 extinguisher in my shop for the laser, and a 10lb powder type if things really get out of hand.
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