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Thread: 3 Phase 220 to 3 Phase 440

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    Not possible on that machine. Inverters and a lot of other electronics going on. They used to offer it 220 but had issues at the lower voltage.

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    Been searching for transformers, but only one I seem to find is the 15kva Acme unit from Grainger. Might be overkill... a 9 - 10kva unit might be better. Do not know if there are any advantages / disadvantages to overpowering the transformer?

    The motor is 7.5kva and the feeder is also 440v as well so have to consider that additional power requirement along with the accessories on the Martin shaper.

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    Doubling the motor kva is not considered to greatly oversize the transformer. The machine likely has a soft start but harder starting machines need to have a transformer oversized. I have a 240-480 15 kva and would not want a smaller one. Machines typically have 5-12 hp motors in three phase so you have it covered. I'm surprised you can't find a use one here in US though. Dave

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