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Thread: Table Saw

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    Table Saw

    Could any recommend a really good table saw?
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    For cutting plywood or solid wood ?

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    That’s a loaded question, with zero background and intended use information given. Please tell us more about what you plan to do, and what your budget is, and if you’re looking new or used.

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    I cannot help assuming you must have a saw of some kind now, since you have 764 posts..but more info is needed.

    I will however give you my answer in generalities, noting your requirement of 'a really good' saw.

    1: For general hobby and DIY use, it is hard to beat a SawStop PCS, or ICS if the budget allows. Their safety features make them a great saw for most anyone.

    2: If your likes run to using sheet goods, making kitchen cabinets and such, rather than furniture, check out the Felder or Mini Max sliding table saws. This is the starting point for 'really good' sliders.
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    I have a SawStop PCS & it does everything I need it to, and very nicely.

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    I found a pre-owned Rockwell Mod. 10 a couple pf years ago at an auction and bought it for my son ( $225.00 ) and he loves it.
    Reply #6 in the link has a - how to load it -

    Link -

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    All depends on what you do, like other's said. However, if budget allows, SawStop professional is a great saw. Safety is important and this saw is also my choice when I replace my existing contractor JET.

    If budget doesn't allow for Sawstop Professional, they also do make a contractor saw that has the same safety features. However if sawstop isn't your cup of tea, you typically can't go wrong with any powermatic or jet 3hp cabinet saw if the saw fits your needs.

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    I would consider both of these saws as very good.

    Martin T17

    I have a crosscut fence arriving for it this weekend.

    cropped-1-SAM_5786-3-1 (2).jpg

    Robinson ZT/E
    Made in England in 1951

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    The second hand Craftsman I got around 1975 has ser ed my needs. I added a free extra table top on the right hand side to give me about 36" from the blade, and an incra miter gauge which I have been loving.

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    Get the most expensive SawStop that you can afford.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James & Zelma Litzmann View Post
    Could any recommend a really good table saw?
    Are you looking for a "cabinet style?" "contractor style?" ora portable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James & Zelma Litzmann View Post
    Could any recommend a really good table saw?
    Hi you guys,

    I'll try to dial down the attitude a bit . To get you a better answer, maybe you could tell us the following:

    • Your budget, how much do you want to spend.
      • I know it is tempting but, don't way "as little as possible"
      • Be realistic with your number

    • What type of work are you going to do?
      • Frame houses
      • Build small items for a craft fair
      • Make highly detailed mid-century-modern replicas
      • Build a few pieces of furniture for the house

    • What kind of a work area do you have?
      • Can you support a 240volt machine?
      • Do you have dust collection equipment?
      • Does it need to be mobile?

    I'm sure there is more but, you get the idea. there are so many machines and so many ways to use them. Give us more info on what you are trying to do and we can give you better info.
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    "really good table saw" far as new, my vote goes to the Powermatic PM2000B. Couple that saw with an Amana electric blue blade and you will be in table saw heaven. It's smooth, quiet and powerful and as a bonus it has very good resale value. The Jet is not a bad saw at all for the money and neither is a Grizzly, but you will take a bath when you sell them. As to the Sawstop, it is a fine saw and you should probably buy one IF you are uncomfortable about using a table saw. If you are comfortable because you know you can operate a saw safely and have no inhibitions about cutting your fingers off then no, don't bother. This one always causes the Sawstop owners to lose their mind and blow a gasket but.....if you can safely operate a table saw then why pay a lot of extra money for a feature that will do absolutely zero to help you cut wood??? The nice Sawstop cabinet saw is somewhere around $3000.00. The feature that stops the blade is around $1000.00 or very slightly under, so, you are paying 3k and getting 2k worth of actual table saw. The rest of which is a feel good feature that again, does zero for you as far as cutting wood goes.
    Current owners always chime in with the same comment and say "how much is your fingers worth???" My answer...they are worth enough that if I felt they were in that kind of jeopardy every time I fire up one machine because I cant run it properly and safely I will take up golf. Either you can run machinery in a safe manner or you cant, if not then get out of the shop.
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    Unisaw or Powermatic 66.
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    James and Zelma usually hang out on the Engraving forum here, IIRC.

    Folks, I recall a post by you a week or two back where you were trying to make "frames for canvas". LINK Is this tablesaw intended to help with that kind of work? It will help the guys give you better advice to know that.

    Good luck,
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