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Thread: Does anyone sell Exacto knife handle turning kits?

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    Does anyone sell Exacto knife handle turning kits?

    See title. I'd like to turn my own handle for some Exacto knives, but I don't see any kits online. I could try to make up my own or just glue a standard one into a handle, but I thought I'd check to see if someone already makes such a thing.

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    The fat handle, you cold try chucking the handle and turn off the blade holder part. Most times those plastic handles are just glued in. Measure the leftover aluminum blade holder part and drill a hole the appropriate size and turn the fat handle. Glue that blade holder in. I've done this with the cheap ($2 on sale) multi screwdriver bit tools from orange/blue store.

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    Check out the library over at the pen turner's forum. There are at least two tutorials on making handles for the Xacto type knives. I don't know of any kits for making these.
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    Buy the X-Acto or knockoff with a top twist knob, and then just epoxy the stock tube in.

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    I have an X-acto that has a plastic body (which promptly split). Replacing the plastic tube with a copper tube looksd to be very easy. Its called the X-acto Gripster.
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    I just buy the aluminum versions, turn down a section just behind the collet that will act as a tenon, then cut it off. Turn the handle with the appropriate hole diameter for the tenon, then epoxy it in. I've made several that way. I buy the knives at Hobby Lobby with their 40% off coupons (Michael's has them too I think - and coupons).


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    I bought the other brand in bulk from widget supply to make wire inlay knives. I then cut off all about 1/2 of the knife handle, and used the discarded part as a mandrel in my collet chuck. Drill a hole in the blank, and turn to shape. These are pushed straight down, that is the reason for the shape. I made a few hundred of these for some people that use them for adding silver wire inlay in knife handles. I started just using the cut off piece of the handle as a mandrel, but finally cut a longer piece, and then filed the end so that it looked like a spur drive to drive into the wood.

    These are thick and heavy so that they can be hammered with a mallet or just pushed in with the palm of the hand. For a knife, I would have turned the wood to about 3/4" diameter like the XActo heavy duty handles are. Epoxy holds the 2 pieces together. Leave enough of the end with the collet so that the safety cover can be used with the handle.
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