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Thread: Shaker end tables build

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    Nice work, William!

    The spalted drawer fronts are spectacular. And the dovetails are not too shabby either

    Regards from Perth


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    Yes William, yes! The whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of the parts. Fine build narrative, overcoming adversity as happens to us all. I bet when you look at pics of your table you feel no foot pain.

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    I enjoyed following the build William. I have not seen much spalted, wormy, maple, such as what you used for the drawer front. It is stunning, to say the least. My gosh.
    Your effort and craftsmanship will be enjoyed for generations, on this project.

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    Thanks guys, Derek my dovetails need some practice; not up to your standards yet! My ‘out’ was liquid gold to treat the worm holes doubled to fill the dovetails at the same time, quite a bonus.
    The spalted worm fronts were such a lovely surprise, they really do look even better in person. I bought two 8’ boards at a great price, I think $5 each because of the ‘rot’! For this project I chose the most extreme part of the board because the fronts are rather small.
    The bronze powder came from the ‘Bronze Powder Company Ltd’ Toronto. The ‘tin’ is really cardboard and very old.

    Hope this encourages some experimentation!
    ​You can do a lot with very little! You can do a little more with a lot!

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