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Thread: What HAPPENED?????

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    What HAPPENED?????

    When I left the house this morning we were picking up OUTSIDE Shop cats but by the time we returned home I knew I was in trouble. Meet the new additions to the family, Jerry & Meowth. They better be good mousers!

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    You don't want to

    put those little critters outside in the shop, do you?

    I am sure you will have fun watching the kittens play. They can be a lot of entertainment. Watch for the "evening crazies," for some reason cats like to zoom around the house from room to room about mid evening. Our old-timer, 15yrs old, still does it from time to time.

    We own, a Russian Blue(15) and an Abyssinian(13).
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    I'll warn you now...we were just at a holiday picnic at my friend Russ's place and he has actually been leaving the A/C on in his shop for the shop cat. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable when she went in to dine and nap. You too, could be caught by this "disease"... (Seriously, cats are great!)

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