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Added the table. Still need to make the blade slot and cutout for lower blade guide and insert.
Trunions work smoothly and lock well, but I will probably add an additional hard stop and lock for the 90 degree position.

I haven't decided what to use for the table surface. I don't think the bare plywood would hold up very well. I have considered Formica, but am leaning towards stainless steel counter top material if I can find it cheap. If not I may use mild steel to keep the cost down but having to keep the rust off would be a bummer. I have also considered using replaceable hardboard.
Don't know if this is possible in your area. . . but if you have a local scrapyard you may be able to pick up either a sheet of aluminum or a piece of stainless to use for the table surface. I regularly stop at our local one for stuff like this and it seems like they always have what I need at really good prices.