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Thread: Battery for Paslode Finish Nailer

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    Battery for Paslode Finish Nailer

    I just got a new battery for my Paslode nailer. The instructions say to charge/discharge for three cycles, and to store the battery in the discharged state. I use my nailer very infrequently, and for small jobs. I know it won't be discharged after the next short job that I need it for. Is there a way to discharge the battery (without sitting there triggering it hundreds of times) so I can put it through the charge/discharge cycles? Thanks.

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    Is this the newer lithium battery model? Or the older Ni-Mh model? With the Ni-Mh model you can just leave the battery in and it will run down in a couple days. The lithium battery will definitely take a little longer.
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    I believe it's a NiMH battery.

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    If its like the framing nailer I have, if you leave the battery in the nailer the batter indicator light will eventually discharge it.

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    Sounds easy enough. Thanks

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