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Thread: Need new countersinks

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    Need new countersinks

    Today, a 20 year-old 3/8ths countersink rolled off the table and was damaged. I can't remember where I got it or what brand it was.

    Need recommendations for new ones. Thanks.
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    Fuller countersinks are up there and what I'd buy today if i needed a new one or a set.

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    M.A. Ford makes an excellent single flute countersink- the best I have tried. Fullers are very good as well, but I do not like the chatter that the 4 flute cutters make.
    The single flute is better in my opinion.

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    I bought a set of tapered drill/countersinks at Woodcraft on sale. They work fine imo (and dramatically cheaper than Fuller).

    Otherwise I use metalworking countersinks when just wanting to countersink. Usually the single flute type (not the type that has a hole through the side). Agree the 4 flute cutters can chatter (less of an issue if drilling at the same time, but when just a countersink way too much chatter).

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    I also have a single flute preference. Pick your brand.



    I have run the inexpensive ones for many years. Only HCS but, easily hones on the drill press to razor sharp.
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    I like the ones I got at lee valley,42281,71860

    They have a nice stop that doesn't bruise the wood I believe they are Amana
    On amanas site there is 3 sizes

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    Spend a little extra and buy the countersink cage type. The 1/4 drive type max out around 3/8. You can buy cages with a plastic foot so the wood is not marred. easy depth adjustment within 1/1000 inch every time. Check aircraft supply stores and ebay. Ebay for the cages and watch out to get the correct angle as much aircraft stuff is 100 degrees.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have tapered bits and countersinks for drilling, but sometimes a stand-alone countersink is very useful.
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    This is one of the many 20% off items I toss in the cart if I do't have anything else to.....lower my cost of disposable tools.....on any given trip to the Far East Junk Store (aka Harbor Freight).

    What can I say? They work for me & anyhow, I lose ten times as many as I break or dull.
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    I use and like the Lee Valley ones a lot.
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    I use the Fuller CS. Top notch product. M.A. Ford's are also top notch.

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