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Thread: Dust Bin Sensor Completed

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    I am also electronically challenged and was wondering the same thing. Buy or make?

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    The basic sensor set up is simple. Go to Post #46 in this thread for the basic wiring diagram (assuming you did not see it). A lot of folks have added complexity with timers, control boards, and what not that is not really needed for this to work. You simply need the Banner IR sensor, the strobe light, and a power supply. I wired my power supply into the switched side of the dust collector contactor so it is powered only when the fan motor is powered up. You adjust the IR sensor to make contact when the bin is roughly 4 inches from full so there is little chance of overfilling while planing or jointing. In the simplest of terms, the IR sensor is simply a switch that is either normally open or normally closed. The circuit closes when the bin is full and the strobe light energizes. This is all basic circuit wiring, no electronics knowledge is necessary.

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    Thanks I think I can do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris Cook View Post
    Tom - sorry, I didn't see this question until now. I went back and looked at my order on Amazon and the unit I ordered is changed to something else. The one I ordered is also a cheap Chinese thing - "DROK Time Delay Relay DC 5V 12V 24v Delay Controller Board Delay-off Cycle Timer..."

    So far so good. It is a little different that some of the others posted here but wasn't that hard to figure out the wiring and programming.

    I have since added a siren because I am not confident I will "see the light". The siren is in a closet though to attenuate the LOUDNESS.
    Kris — No worries. I think all these controller boards are made in the same Chinese factory. Mine works but I find that it “forgets” its programming every once in a while and I have to go back in and set the mode, delay, etc …
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