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Thread: first commission

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    first commission

    I have resisted for years taking any paid work because I like to do what I want, when I want, in the shop. But I finally broke down and accepted a commission for a large shadow box to house a 34" bat, a ball and some photos of Sam Rice, hall of fame baseball player, who is from Morocco IN. It will be displayed at the Scott Lucas House, a national historic home in Morocco. But it's complicated because they want to be able to take it to the library, to the county fair, to god-knows-where and then back to the SL House. So it's gotta travel well, and not be overly hefty. The SL House is all QSWO, so that's decided. And craftsman style, so ok to that. And gotta have tempered glass. And I'm thinking it should stand up, not lay flat. The pictures will be in minimal black frames, so they can be held in place with with dbl stick tape, or small screws thru the back. The inside dimensions need to be 36 x 24 or there-a-bouts. What has me a bamboozled is how to secure the bat - it's pretty heavy - without harming it with screws and such, and without introducing something gross like zip ties or plumber strap. All suggestions welcome, and, frankly, encouraged. I'm thinking a lighter, more delicate this:

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    Bill, congrats on the project. The travelling around part does add the need to have things pretty secured in place. A quick image search came up with these...probably the best I found to hold it in place.

    EC70C764-000A-4CE0-9060-23768D29A5A6.jpeg 898AE057-A203-4BA8-9A35-5467EF1EF913.jpg

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    Looks like you have a good start with the frame. What is your plan for the background? Is the bat color light or dark? Would the assembly ever be shipped?

    If you use loops like Phil's second example, I would try to line the edges with felt or something similar. On the other hand, you might be able to glue the bat to the background with a reversible adhesive and a compatible wood finish or no finish. I think suspending the bat by the ends in his first example would also work well using adhesives. If the assembly will be shipped, all bets are off.

    Let us see what you create. Good luck!
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    ornate rope work to hold the bat but I think I like the way Phil shows.
    I would suggest laminated glass instead of tempered. Laminated glass is what you windshield is. It has the advantages of UV blocking (which will help preserve the pictures) and is a safety glass.

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    Take it up a level, get a wood carver to make a pair of hands to hold the bat.

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