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Thread: Roll-around tool chests?

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    My Craftsman sounds like Jim's but it is 30 years old and going strong. Jim is right about the lower storage area. In my case this box is primarily a mechanics tool box rather than a wood workers box.
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    I have an older Craftsman top and bottom. Decent box. And an old Master Mechanic (cant remember where it came from). Cheap box and the handles pull off. And another one I have is a off brand cheap box. And have owned some others.

    But my recommendation is the Harbor Freight/US General box. At least the two larger boxes I have are very well made. Loaded up they will be heavy! But large castors although one of them I took the casters off to lower it because it is installed in a permanent location and I put a woodworking top over it.

    Personally I could never see the justification of the Snap on or Matco prices. They come up all the time on CL used, but still expensive - which makes me think a lot of people buy into them then get out of them later when they realize the value really was there for the $.

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