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Thread: Two foolish mistakes at table saw cost me, dearly - Graphic Photos!

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    Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that it heals well.

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    I hope you heal well Bruce. I too am faulty of having things on the floor. Extension cords everywhere. Thankyou for the heads up reminder of the bad habits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osvaldo Cristo View Post
    Bruce, I am very sad to read that news. I really hope you recover fast and no sequel had let.

    Special thanks to remind us even at that difficult moment for you.

    God bless you.
    Thank you very much

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    Mistake number three, never thought about not having my blade guard in, which 99 out of a hundred times I do. The strangest thing about whole incident was the leg never kicked back, a person would think it would. A heart felt THANKS to everyone for their best wishes.

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    Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you have a speedy recovery and no repeats. Thanks for the reminders and listing the mistakes that led up to the accident. Can never have enough reminders.
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    Thanks for the reminder Bruce. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Looking at the pics, it could have been a LOT worse, like life changing. Glad it wasn't.

    Your post reminds me that one of my two grippers has gone missing for a couple months, and I have been too cheap to replace it, thinking it has to show up sooner or later. I am now rethinking that.
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    I wish you a speedy recovery. No matter how hard we try, sometime we make a mistake. I'm glad it wasn't worse.

    Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Day View Post
    Tough to hear about this cousin. A sad reminder to have a clean work area (which I fail at a lot). Time to get that ceiling mounted cord reel Iíd say.

    I wish you well Bruce.
    Already done!

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    Sorry to hear about this. Hope it heals well for you. Question,how did you contact blade with your LEFT hand ?

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    Thanks for sharing and I wish you a speedy recovery. Best way to keep the floor clear of cords and hoses is to install hooks on the ceiling like these:

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    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Very sorry to hear about this accident.

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    Our most sincere wish for a speedy and full recovery. Thanks for sharing. I had a mishap a few years back - my left thumb just brushed the blade. I did loose a little feeling in the thumb, otherwise have full use. I learned one thing - that's why they're called accidents - my first one of that degree. Regardless of how safe we think we work, again, that's why accidents (as they are called) happen. In my case, I subsequently purchased a sawstop.

    bob o

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    Yes, agree with all. Good luck to you. I think that in addition to good habits you need to be in a state of "over control".

  14. Wow! So sorry to hear. And, thank you for having the courage to share.

    Something I can learn here, I think, being new to wood working but experienced around tools and equipment I am hyper sensitive to safety. The OP said something about a ďgripperĒ. I think I have seen them online, the yellow micro-jig push block deals? I almost bought one but didnít understand itís use or itís importance... can someone enlighten me? Right now Iím using push blocks and push sticks but am interested in any safety related upgrades.

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    Bruce, I'm really sorry to read about (and see) your injury. Like everyone, I hope you heal up well and thank you for sharing your experience. In an effort to learn a little more about what happened, was the guard on your saw? If not, would it have helped had it been or would it not have mattered anyway?


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