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Thread: Two foolish mistakes at table saw cost me, dearly - Graphic Photos!

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    Two foolish mistakes at table saw cost me, dearly - Graphic Photos!

    Not very long ago I was at the table saw trimming the last of four legs of a table I was building. I had turned the saw off for a second to clean some debris off then got ready to do the last one, when I made the mistake of using a push stick instead of my gripper or push block. After I got about half way through the leg I moved a little to the left and stepped on an extension cord I had laid down on the floor ( another mistake) causing me to lose my balance which in turn caused me to lose control of push stick, and you guessed it, left hand into the blade. That night I had two hour surgery, resulting in 210 stitches, majority internal. I lost the left corner of little finger, somehow missed ring finger, cut down into the knuckle on the dirty finger, and lost the tip of the pointer finger also severing the tendon. Pictures below show prior and post surgery. It happened on August 16th and I am still having therapy.

    With all the down time I had I started watching guys on you tube and sort of keeping track of all the mistakes I would see and I saw plenty. I was sort of stunned to see how many would put their hands so close to the blade, doing cross cuts with a miter gauge with board against fence, on and on. It just amazed me how many guys was so careless around the table saw.

    They say drinking and driving don't mix, neither does careless mistakes and table saws.
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    Bruce, I am very sad to read that news. I really hope you recover fast and no sequel had let.

    Special thanks to remind us even at that difficult moment for you.

    God bless you.
    All the best.


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    My best wishes are with you and your recovery.
    I agree, mistakes happen all the time, and inattentiveness costs hugely.
    Will you be able to regain almost full use of your hand?
    Young enough to remember doing it;
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Rosenthal View Post
    My best wishes are with you and your recovery.
    I agree, mistakes happen all the time, and inattentiveness costs hugely.
    Will you be able to regain almost full use of your hand?
    I have full use of hand, the only problem is my pointing finger, that has the severed tendon, will always be "stiff", it's hard to curl it like you would if you was to try and pull a trigger
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    My sympathies and I hope you recover as soon as possible.

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    Im sorry to hear that this happened to you Bruce.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    - Sir Edmund Burke

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    Sorry to hearabout your hand.

    Watching You Tube woodworking videos feels like watching the subReddit "Idiots in Cars.

    There is a certain care free speeded up enthusiastic style of unbounded child-like creativity that gives wood working a magical feel. I wish theywould at least not speed up the video.

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    Bruce, I am very sorry to hear of your injury, I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for taking the time to post and promote saw safety. Were you using a blade guard at the time of the incident?

    Once again, wishes for a rapid recovery.........Regards, Rod.

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    Thanks for sharing to remind us all to be attentive at all times.

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    Best wishes on your recovery. Glad that wasn't worse. Thank you for sharing this as we all need constant reminders to stay vigilant. Also, thanks for the detailed account since safety practices like "keeping the work area clear of clutter" is something we read/hear but, may not take to heart that this is not about neatness, its about safety. I agree that a person can find plenty of examples on the web to support improper methods and practices. I feel those of us on the forums need to take safety to the next level in our posts and demonstrations to make sure we aren't providing any of this fools-fodder.
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  11. Very sorry to hear about this accident. It can happen to anyone in a split second. Hope you recover quickly and are back at it soon!!!! Thanks for shop is set up such that there is sometimes an air hose on the floor passing by my table saw. I think I will now relocate my compressor.

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    This makes me think harder about getting rid of my tablesaw and use my bandsaw instead.

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    Thanks for the reminder that it only takes a split second for "stuff" to happen...

    I hope you heal well.

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    Tough to hear about this cousin. A sad reminder to have a clean work area (which I fail at a lot). Time to get that ceiling mounted cord reel Id say.

    I wish you well Bruce.

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    Thanks for the reminder and wish you a speedy, complete recovery.
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