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Thread: Does anyone ever win?

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    Does anyone ever win?

    The publishers clearing house sweepstakes? There are ads on TV all the time, but unlike the lottery, which uses the news of winners to pull in more players, never hear about anyone winning the PCH sweepstakes. Anyone else?

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    For years, I got mailers telling me I had won, I didn't. Only entered online once. Once was enough!!!!!! Got emails everyday telling me there was only one more thing I needed to do to be entered. Either I'm entered, or I'm not! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

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    I stopped entering about 20 years ago when they found a dumpster full of entries that had not been opened behind their building. The envelopes had a place to mark on the outside if you had bought a subscription or not. Those that had a NO were thrown away without opening. Big scandal. Their explanation was that they were thrown away unknowingly and were supposed to be put into a different area for procession. Just their way of appeasing the judge that ruled over the case. Never did hear the outcome of it, but I then knew that that was always the case, except they got caught that time. Never again entered.
    Personally I think its a big scam to get your email now.

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    I've won the Nigerian lottery many times, according to all the emails I've received.

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    I won a $300 gas card a few weeks ago in a local raffle. A few days later my furnace went on the blitz, but after repairing, I was still $130 to the good.

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    The only time I ever won a lottery was the draft lottery in 1965! Basic training and AIT followed.
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    When in college, I worked in a local legislative campaign. In an after election party for the entire county, I purchased a raffle ticket. Sure enough, I won the first prize. A case of Johnny Walker Black Scotch. Now, in keeping with my luck, that I never win a thing, when I presented my ticket, the head of the county party organization asked for my ID card. and alas, knowing I was only 20, I called my college political science professor to the podium and gave him the ticket for him to present and take the scotch. My next semester was worth 12 political science credits as an intern and he was my professor for the internship. I got straight A's and made dean's list too.

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    There have been a couple PCH winners here in Central Ohio in the last few years. It's been carried on the local news.

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    Many years ago I actually did win the PCH thing. I received a check in the mail for $.10
    That's TEN CENTS. I cashed it.
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