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Thread: Carving small bowls and spoons by hand and power

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    Carving small bowls and spoons by hand and power

    I want to carve bowls no larger than about 12" by 12". I'm just not one to get into those huge dough bowls and things so I won't need an adze. I plan to use found wood like limbs and such.

    I have a Mastercarver with a reciprocating handpiece and a flexcut 1/2" spoon gouge. I would like to find a one incher if I can. I also have a DeWalt 4 1/2" angle grinder but I don't know what would be best accessories for my size bowl carving. What can anyone recommend?


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    I do not make bowls but have used a Kutzall disk on my angle grinder. I used it for shaping the seat of a Maloof style rocker. It might work for you.

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    Thanx Larry. I'll look into that!

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