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Thread: Some items for a classic boat.

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    Some items for a classic boat.

    I really enjoyed the work on a boat I did a while ago so I told my friend I'm willing to take on more if I have the time. I did and this is what I made, these pieces are for the same boat. Three skylights and a sliding hatch.

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    Nicely done. Brings back some good memories of my time living/working on a boat. Pretty work.
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    Again very nice. I am envious of the variety of work you are able to aquire.

    I imagine the sliding hatch if not all are teak.

    I live smack I’m the middle of Newport Ri and the Maine coast. Two sailing mecas, I dream “literally” of moving to the Maine coast and finding work in a boat shop. I’m probably romantasizing something that doesn’t exist but my dreaming gets me through...

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    You are correct, it's all made from Teak. You wouldn't want anything else for the exterior of a boat.

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    Really I mean I understand teak as I have worked with a fair amount.

    But are you telling me that other wood species are nit used in boats suck as sitca spruce and or mahogany so forth end so on.

    Just asking as I dint know..

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    I've seen a boat interior my friend made from Mahogany and on a boat show as well. As I understand it it's not really used any more because it's seen as old fashioned. He told me the trend in recent years has shifted to woods such as Cherry, White Oak and Ash.

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    Jessica, thank you for the kind words on my boxes. Your work is really stellar. Enjoy seeing all of your projects...the fit and finish is inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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    Excellent work, and I love the routed channel on the skylights.

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    Beautiful work Jessica, I am envious of your skill across a wide range of projects.

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    Very nice work. I love working with teak.
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    I'm attracted handles. These are right up there. You want to reach out and touch them.
    I think I'd like to see a radius on the edges instead of a bevel. Could be an illusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Nicholson View Post
    I think I'd like to see a radius on the edges instead of a bevel. Could be an illusion.
    That's a bevel. It's what was specified so that's how I had to make it.

    Quote Originally Posted by andy bessette View Post
    Very nice work. I love working with teak.
    Me too. I don't get to use it in the furniture I make but it's so nice to work with. And I love how it smells.

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