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Thread: Unfortunate Jackson headstock repair. Ouch!

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    Unfortunate Jackson headstock repair. Ouch!

    This guitar was unfortunately damaged in shipping. Due to the cost of the instrument, and shipping insurance, it was definitely worth repairing. Because of the nasty wood splintering and cross grain fracture, I decided replacing the headstock was the best option. Luckily there was a factory scarf joint, so i decided to make that the new joint. Also, i had to resaw the old headstock faceplate off and glue it as a veneer because the logo and signature could not be replicated. It was a pretty involved repair, but both the customer and I were pleased with the result. Enjoy!
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    Last set of pics. Now that I posted these in the most ridiculous manner. I swear, I can fix broke pieces of wood, but hand me an electronically device and I turn into a complete idiot😁

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    Beautiful save. Obviously this isn’t your first rodeo.
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    Beautiful work, just amazing.

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