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Thread: Round table design question

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    Round table design question

    I am getting ready to start a 60" round dinning room table at the wife's request. Plan is to use a pedestal base. My design question is for a 60" table top, what would be an adequate length for the top and bottom cross pieces (on either end of the center pedestal)?

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    I donít understand the design, and it seems nobody else does. Perhaps a drawing would get you more replies.

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    As Jamie indicates, not enough info about your design. If you're trying to figure out supporting the top, it depends on how thick the top is and what it's made of. Maybe the support arms should extend about 26 inches from the center.

    If you're trying to sort out how easy it would be to tip the table over, you can figure that out by finding the center of gravity of the table and figure out how far the CofG shifts out with the addition of weight. That's easy enough in Sketchup if you use it. I made an example table with a 60 in. dia. top and 150 pounds of weight near the edge. The CofG is still inside the feet of the table so it wouldn't tip over.

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    I built a similar table a few years back (25+ years) with a framed glass top. I purchased a turned pedestal base and made my own cross frame from some full 1" x 2-1/2" oak with some extra ribs attached to the bottom of the cross pieces. I made the cross pieces with a lap joint in the center and they run within 3" of the table edge. Actually they are mortised into the frame. The ribs are attached to the cross pieces with screws down from the top and with a lag screw from the inside of the pedestal base near the top of the rib. The rib pieces were attached first then the cross pieces were attached to the ribs.
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    I am sorry, my description was not very clear. Plan is to make a 60" round table out of 6/4 ash. The pedestal will be 4-5" laminated square with upper and lower cross pieces, one as the feet and the upper to support the top. What I am needing help on is how far from the center should the feet and upper support be so the table will be stable.Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.42.17 PM.png This is a rough plan that I have for the table. Thanks.

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    For the cross pieces under the top, you can keep them back from the edges of the top by 3 or 4 inches with no problem.

    As for the length of the feet to make sure it's stable, you can use the Center of Gravity extension to figure it out as I showed in my example.

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    This has always been handy for us:
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    Well I got my table finished, and I am happy with the way it came out. Thanks to some of your ideas the table is very sturdy, most important the wife is please.IMG_0518.jpgIMG_0517.jpgIMG_0527.jpg

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