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Thread: Glue spreaders

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    popsicle sticks / tongue depressors. Got a whole bag of them at a garage sale for pennies. I like them especially for epoxy as you can mix and go right to application. acid brushes for the more intricate stuff.

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    I been using different size bondo spreaders. They are real flexiable and soft enough to spread glue with. You can get different sizes and or a multi pack real cheap.

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    Cut up pieces of stiff pasteboard, acid brushes, anything stiff and thin that I can throw away when I'm done.

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    I have the 1 1/2" ink brayer Jay mentioned above. Great for getting a thin, consistent surface on larger glue ups.

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    I use the silicone brushes from Rockler. Once I noticed how easily dried glue comes off of them I bought some silicone basting brushed on Amazon which work great too. I did a video showing how I use the silicone brushes and a big surprise at the end regarding epoxy. My YouTube Channel is WB Fine Woodworking Channel LINK: VIDEO LINK:
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    I used to use the woodworkers of amercia club card that came in the mail every few months. Now I pick up a few gift cards from the display rack at any retail store.
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    For dominos in particular, I just use another domino. Put glue on one side, rub another domino against it, and both of them have a nice layer of glue all over. Repeat with the other side. Of course there is always one odd one left over that I use the glue bottle's nozzle on.

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    For panel glue ups I use old hotel room keys.
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    Composite shims work well - both for glue & as a small putty/Spackle/dry wall mud knife.
    I usually have bunches of them laying around the job site when I'm working on a rehab.

    At home, I use the Rockler silicone brush, the Dollar Store basting brush & acid brushes from Harbor freight.
    I used to use the chip brushes Harbor Freight sells by the carton, but, they got too expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John TenEyck View Post
    Oh, you were right about it being small. Very small. The roller is only about 1-1/2" wide. That sure wasn't obvious from the picture. Anyway, it's too small for doing panels, but might be great for spreading glue on edge glue ups.

    I wish I could find something like it but 4 - 5" wide and 1 - 2" diameter.

    I've used the disposable trim paint rollers from Home Depot. They're about 3" long, maybe an 1" diameter. Roller refills are cheap. Spreads glue very quickly and evenly. Worked very well when I built my workbench. Think I picked that tip up from Popular Woodworking article on a bench-build they did.

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