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Thread: Pergola Like- project

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    Pergola Like- project

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new here and found this website through search on a project I am doing in my backyard for my firepit area. The area consist of 24x10.5'. Originally, I wanted to put up industrial string lights on all 4 corners supported by 4x4 posts. I went ahead doing that driving the post down 2 ft to have an 8 ft height post. Then, I used a wire rope to connect the ends (24 ft span) and installed the string lights. Unfortunately, one post started to lean as I wanted to keep the wire on a straight level without any sagging. When that happened, I stopped myself and collected my thoughts on how best to use this area for what I wanted without any sag of the lights or leaning of the post.

    I've attached some plans (please bear with me, I'm no architect) and decided to get 4x6 posts that would be notched for the 2x10 beams. I would also have to notch the 4x4 posts as well. Please let me know if this would be feasible and where can I find black brackets or what would you recommend to tie the beams to the posts? I will also not be installing rafters so there will be no loads. I would be open to your suggestions.

    FYI, I'm in Miami, Fl so I am using pressure treated yellow pine.

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    Here's another design from the front
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    Check out the hardware in this kit from Menards. It might work for your purpose. Also try asking google for ornamental wood ties.
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    I found this which would be perfect for the corners

    Thanks for helping point me in the right directions.

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    I've made notches for my 4x6 posts. Please forgive me if it's not perfect (smooth) since it will be covered by the beams. However, I wanted inout form you guys how I could make this more clean? I used a chisel to get it down but after that, it was harder to get it on a straight level. What would you guys suggest next time for learning experience?
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    you could use a router and gradually chew away at it, which would give you a smooth cut. Or you could use a hand saw. But for timber framing with green wood, I think what you have there is fine.
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    i use a about a #5 jack plane.

    those look great though! your design looks like it will be great. i would just use a couple timber lock screws from the inside to attach the 2x10 to the post, no need for brackets unless you want the look of them. the screws will just be holding the beams in the notch and the weight of them will be on the bottom of the notch.

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