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Thread: New Tablesaw Fence Rails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew More View Post
    Good to know.

    FWIW, it appears this project is on hold. The old G1023's fence system is pretty unique in a number of ways, and one of those appear to be the size of the rails. They're pretty darned close to 1 7/8" which is not a normal size of steel stock. I suspect that the manufacturer bought the stock at 2", and then ground off 1/16" from each side to ensure it was flat, but who knows. Anyway, it's off enough that 2" won't go in, and 1 3/4" is too loose. At least I had the foresight to bring the fence along with me to check the fit before buying $120 of non-returnable steel.
    My original Beis had a 30" rip capacity. It was too small most of the time. I shifted the tube once set of screws to the right and got 40" of rip which was enough most of the time. Zero cost option ;-)
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  2. Thanks everybody. This is a big help. I think I'm going w/ the 30" fence.

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    Accuracy of mounting the rectangular tube to front angle is adjustable on every Bies clone Iíve seen, drill and tap the rectangular tube for 1/4 20 (thicker tubing gives more metal for threads) and then make the corresponding holes in L front rail oversized to 5/16 or so.

    when you mount tube to front rail you have a little wiggle room to line it up.

    as for mounting the tap, every bies I have seen or built had an adjustable cursor.

    I painted the rails, and yes paint does come off due to wear.


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