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Thread: Acanthus style door inserts.

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    Acanthus style door inserts.

    I’ve done a lot of these but figured I’d post these as well. The difference though between these and the others is they were arched top and these as you can see are square.

    Since they’re getting painted and glazed I did them in basswood. And since the inner part of the frame where these fit into are an ogee I had to make a router bit to make the opposite shape in the perimeter of my carving so they’d fit snugly .

    One down 3 to go.
    I have 6 more of similar doors , arched top coming in but since they’re in pairs the 3 sets will be done in the clients children’s birth month flower instead of acanthus leaves.
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    The other ones I did also my own design.
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    A lot of fine work there. Can't imagine the time it takes to carve one of those, let alone a half dozen.

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    Mark, on the newer ones I notice there's no fluting on the acanthus leaves, but you did include on the other ones (in your second post). What drove that decision? Both look great of course, and I appreciate you for sharing your construction/fitting method.
    Mark Maleski

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    Those final details I wait until all are carved , sanded and smoothed . The reason being I can easily adjust each carving,and the after being “ synchronized “ I can add that final detail which wouldn’t be as crisp and cleanly defined if sanded.
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    Oh, sorry Tony! They each take a day or so to carve. Most time is spent cleaning the marks left from the band saw.
    There are 4 of these and the next set coming is a group of 6 in arch tops. Those will be the ones with 3 birth flowers in pairs of two.
    Snowdrops, daffodil , narcissus.
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