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Thread: Crest for a Priest

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    Crest for a Priest

    Similar to the crests Iíve carved for the past Bishops I was asked to do a carving of this sketch ( done by an artist st the Vatican). The differences ( besides subjects) is the color of the hat and number of tassels. These variations depict ďrankĒ
    i also carved the frame and as usual I made a template out of aluminum to copy the pattern. One thing to keep in mind is the pattern repeat has to be exact so each mitered corner matches exactly and is covered with a lead pattern as you canít just miter this anywhere.
    Its basswood with acrylic/ enamel/gold and lawyer finishes. Overall itís approx. 24Ē X 18Ē
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    That's beautiful Mark. And the frame is just perfect!
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    Thank you Fred!
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    Beautiful work, Mark, all of it...the carving, paint, and frame, very special!

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    I appreciate it Kevin. Thank you!
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    Incredible work.
    Iíve said it before, your carving talent blows me away!
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    Thank you Bruce. Your comments are always very generous.
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    Fine work! Agree with all! But now it's time for the tough questions. Sir, who gave the order to remove the lion's
    "copying equipment "?

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    Hehe,, sharp eyes ! Never thought Iíd become a vet and neuter a lion . Though I have had odd requests over the years...
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