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Thread: Butt Hinge Installation Question

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    Butt Hinge Installation Question

    I know this seems to be a simple question, but I can't seem to find a clear answer to it... Below is a picture (sorry it's so big...not my intention) of a butt hinge for a blanket chest. My question has to do with installation; specifically does it matter which of the two leaves is attached to the chest, and which to the lid? I've unscrewed to the two balls at the ends, since I don't really like them, and so now with this simple butt hinge I presume the width of the mortise should equal the distance from the center of the knuckle to the end of the leave--is that correct?
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    Doesn't matter which leaf goes on what. Width of mortise is your own personal design. It might be worth the effort to make a test piece, or two, since you're asking. If the top needs to fold all the way back, take that into consideration, and then the barrel will need to be clear of the bottom, and top. If not folding all the way back, there needs to be a lid stay, which is pretty typical on a blanket chest.

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    I leave the barrel fully exposed on the exterior. So basically, set the leaf (either side) on the top edge, fold it down over the exterior side with the barrel against the outside of the top edge and mark the leaf. Same for the lid.
    Check out fellow creeeker Mike Henderson’s tutorial on making a box and scroll to where he sets the hinges. Has worked very well for me. Just google Mike Henderson woodworking and go to his tutorial link.

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    As you see there is no hard and fast rule. The pivot point (center of the barrel) will vary the action of the lid. Reasons for altering the pivot point can be, as Tom points out, opening to 180 degrees, clearing trim or decorative features or the desire to have the pivot right in line with the vertical live of the back panel.

    Question about the hinge though; if you unscrewed the ball tips, is there anything keeping the pin in place? If the pin is captured by the screw on tips and you don't want them, it is easy enough to punch a dimple in one of the knuckles to make sure the pin doesn't work out over time.
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    This is not what you asked, but a blanket chest should have hinges that minimize the possibility of the top falling on a child. Rockler has some hinges that work well for that. I used those hinges on a blanket chest I made and was impressed with the way the hinges worked and with their safety.

    They're a bit more expensive but it's better than having to say you're sorry.

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