I asked about small dovetail squares (https://sawmillcreek.org/showthread....dered-a-Vesper) and I ordered the Vesper (https://www.vespertools.com.au/vespe...ouble-squares/) from highland woodworkering.

I considered the Lee Valley, but, I was afraid that the thin blade would be too short, although I probably could have worked around that; just extend it all the way out and ignore that part is narrow and part is thicker). Mike Henderson makes a comment about that here:


The box is sturdy, but nothing special:


Taking the lid off reveals bubble wrap


Probing deeper


And finally


Here are some very initial thoughts:

Finish: it looks good. It has some grease on it that I have not wiped off yet. Easy to read.

This operates very well. I was a bit worried when I removed the blade because in the past, with squares by other companies, it has been a bit annoying to refit the blade. That was absolutely not the case with this square. Push down on the top screw and you are off. It was trivial to change the blades. Mike mentioned it was a bit fiddly on the Lee Valley in the link above.

So, my initial impressions are very good. I am very impressed with this little guy. I think that I need to build a container / box to hold this, however.