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Thread: Delta Dust Collector 50-760 Snap-in Bag Ring Replacement?

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    Delta Dust Collector 50-760 Snap-in Bag Ring Replacement?

    I have a Delta 50-760 dust collector. In my move, I seemed to have lost or misplaced the snap-in ring that is used to hold the lower clear plastic bag. I've search high and low and cannot find that part anywhere. It was basically a plastic band that was about 1 1/2" high and probably 1/4" think that was in the shape of a ring that and it was flexible enough that you could pull on the edge and deform the ring to remove it. You would shove the end of the plastic bag into the housing and then insert the ring and push out the edge that had been brought in and then the ring would snap back into a round shape pushing against the plastic into the metal housing thereby holding the plastic bag and creating a seal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a type of plastic that could be used to make such a ring? The fabric filter on the other end of the housing facing upwards has such a ring sewn into it -- I suppose I could bite the bullet and buy another fabric filter in order to get the flexible ring.
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    Looks like that part is unfortunately discontinued, and perhaps the filter bag is discontinued as well. I don't know if you can get either of them online.

    I have the same DC and have alternated between using the snap ring you're talking about and the big unwieldy lever-locked metal belt clamp. Another option for you is to buy a Wynn filter and use that in place of the filter bag, as the Wynn filter performs much better. Then you might be able to get the snap ring out of the old filter bag and use that for the plastic bag.

    Additionally, you could consider putting a Thien filter or maybe a Super Dust Deputy in front of your DC to make it into a 2-stage type system. Both of these prevent larger bits from clogging the Wynn filter. I have the SDD myself, which means nothing ends up in the DC's plastic bag unless I let my dust bin overflow.
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    +1 on Steve's response about the Super Dust Deputy keeping virtually everything out of the bag. When you have the SDD in place, you only empty the bag when you have overfilled the bin a BUNCH of times. While you still need something there, you change the bag so infrequently that you can use the metal ring or another inconvenient method of securing it and then just forget about it.

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    Could you take some banding strap and make a circle? Pop rivet ends together (using steel rivets, not aluminum) to form circle. A hint for drilling holes in strapping for pop rivets. Take a blunt nail, chuck it in the drill press and spin it on a spot where rivets need to go. It will heat up metal so as to lose temper, allowing you to drill it with ordinary twist drill bit.

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