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    Robert Sorby Pro Edge

    I just received the Pro Edge and tried to sharpen a few tools by hand using the platform.As I touch the tool to the belt I get a lot of bouncing of the tool.I'm using the supplied belts from sorby And I even used all three grits but with the same results.I checked the back plate which is smooth and flat.The bounce is so bad I'm thinking of returning the machine.I'm used to sharpening on a grinder with CBN wheels.Any Pro Edge owners that can help is appreciated.I do have the tension arm engaged.I just don"know what else to do. Thanks, Jerry

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    Maybe you are pushing a little too hard. We have this system at my Men's Shed, there is a small learning curve for those who have come from grinding wheels.

    Essentially, just let the chisel skim the surface of the belt, and yes, the chisel will move a little.

    The coarse belt is for shaping, which really is quite fast to do. The mistake our first time users have with the coarse belt, is to try and sharpen the chisel using that belt. Once a basic shape has been arrived at, change up to the next finer grade of belt.

    Finish shaping with that belt and then switch to the finest belt for very nice sharpening.

    Once you have the shape and the initial sharpening, my experience is that you need only a few seconds of very light pressure to re-sharpen using the finest belt you have.

    It is a very good system and one I would purchase today over my Tormek T7, that I have had for something like 12 years.

    Have you seen this tutorial from Robert Sorby?

    Just one thought, do you have the belts running in the correct direction, as marked by the arrows on the reverse side?


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    I'm surprised that you are having any trouble with the Sorby Pro Edge. I've been using mine for three years and absolutely would never use anything else, having used a conventional grinder and a Jet knockoff Tormek system before.
    I think you were offered good advice from the previous post. Watching the video should make you a sharpening pro in no time.

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