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Thread: Do you wear an apron while working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm Schweizer View Post

    I bought this one on eBay. It was made for a gin company and the logo didn't stamp well, so it was sold as a defective one. I use it more for when I'm using a power tool like a grinder, but it is also good for keeping glue off my clothes. So, in short, it's mostly a wall hanger, but it made for a great picture.

    The photo works on several levels, both as "Art" and as a family photo. A hard combo to make work. Of course your helper being beautiful helps.


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    Makes you look good Malcolm. Oh you were talking about the apron, missed that entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    It is usually accidentally and discovered after it has dried.

    Though in my experience there have been people, very few, who can work on cars or do hand silkscreen printing* without getting any debris on their hands or clothes. One has to exercise discipline in their work and after a while it becomes second nature to not get messy while working. This has never been one of my strong points. Though one time my brakes on a 1957 VW Bus had to be worked on in the dark while wearing a suit. That was me being very careful for an hour or two.

    My better shirts and pants do not get worn in the shop if much work is to be done.


    *One of my careers was as a silkscreen printer. A man named Keno was the only silkscreener in my experience who didn't look like a painters pallet from doing the job. At one time he almost didn't get a job because the production manager didn't believe he could be a printer and not have the ink stains to show for it. Fortunately there was some on the site that new him and explained that he is strange, he doesn't get dirty.

    I ain't one of those either. My problem is I forget I'm wearing the new shirt MsBubba just gave me with the usual results followed by many "Yes dears" and usually some lame excuse like I just walked out to the shop to turn the lights off and I don't know how it happened. Of course that is followed by the skank eye.

    The worst offender is when sharpening I can't help but clean the iron on my belly just before taking a good look at the edge. No telling how many shirts were ruined before I started using an leather apron.


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    Still looking for an extra long full length shop/lab coat. I have an apron, but that doesn't keep my sleeves clean when running power tools, even when using a DC.
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    No. Having previously been that approximate size of a Winnebago at one time it was impossible to find one that fit and consequently I just didn't bother. I've considered it a time or two but is just seems like something else to potentially get in the way or get caught in a spinning blade. I don't recall any of the various YouTubers that I watch wearing an apron on a consistent basis. In fact, the only one that come to mind is Greg Paolini.
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    Your endgrain is like your bellybutton. Yes, I know you have it. No, I don't want to see it.

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    I do!
    Mainly because I often rush to the shop straight coming home from the office. I damaged a fair amount of quality shirts before to buy an apron.
    It is simple and light and I never felt the need to carry anything in the pocket.

    I do have the luxury to own two of them, a light one bought from Dictum, with a little plane on it and a thicker one with my family champagne logo for winter times!

    This is definately working for me.
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    Would have worn mine today....but,it seems to be in the Laundry area....was getting a might "gamey"......

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    I have a leather apron given to me as a gift years ago. I seem to forget to wear it more often than I remember it and it's even hanging up near the shop door. As a couple other folk have mentioned, I started out as a carpenter moving from work site to site so I grew accustomed to just wearing "work clothes" and then nicer clothes when I wasn't working. Typically these days, roughly 3/4 of my day to day clothing could be classified as "work clothes" that already have glue, paint, oil, what-have-you on them...

    I do like the concept of wearing an apron for sharpening and "messy" work ...maybe this thread will (re)inspire me to put it on more often...
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    I only wear an apron while using my lathe, which is mercifully infrequent. I find aprons heavy and uncomfortable.

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    I have one I wear when painting something.

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    I want to wear an apron all the time in the shop, really I do! However, I just cannot be comfortable in one, mostly because I get too hot. I do wear one when gluing up or applying a finish to a project.

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    I'm agreed with Mr. Koepke!
    I have not an apron. Of course I can buy it, but here, in Ukraine, you could look beetwen aprons for coffemakers (barista), aprons for welders made from tarpaulin (hard canvas cloth). I wear overalls - right now, winter time, or (I've gratuated in 1994 - so I saw USSR in all things) in the "Trousers of potential Enemy" (this is phrase of my Teacher from military school in my University) - n Jeans!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike holden View Post
    Back in the 70's when I started in pattern shops, everyone wore an apron so I did too. Still do. One thing though - NO pockets! A journeyman who saw pockets on your apron would likely tear them off. NOTHING that might scratch the models was allowed.
    OMG! Yes! In 1979, I had just finished my carpenter apprenticeship but then got the rare chance to get into the Caterpillar pattern shop. I was one of 2 apprentices in a 50 man wood shop. Everybody wore WHITE aprons. NO LOWER POCKETS! You did keep the upper ones for a scale and hard lead pencil. The old guys (one journeyman had been there 45 years) came in with white shirts and bow ties! I had 2 or 3 aprons. You changed out when they started to look less than fresh. Thanks for the flashback!

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    Just ran mine through the washing machine, last night....was getting a might....nasty. Will have it on, later, today...

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