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Thread: Do you wear an apron while working?

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    Do you wear an apron while working?

    Wondering if its worth getting one. Seems like it could keep some dust off the clothes, but that usually brushes off quite readily. The pockets might be helpful just for holding small things like marking knife, pencil, small ruler, square, etc.

    There must be a reason why traditional woodworkers wore them in the shop.. what are your thoughts?

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    Sometimes when looking at pictures of woodworkers from half a century ago they are wearing buttoned shirts and ties. The apron was likely a way to keep the good cloths clean.

    My experience with an apron ended quickly because it wasn't comfortable. Of course others may find them comfortable.

    Reaching into pockets to find a square or ruler can be a little dicey if there is also a marking knife in there.

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    Yes, probably 90% of the time. the Squeezed sewn one for me out a denim material.

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    I always got fed up with aprons pretty quickly. I started using shop coats. Fantastic, keeps the clothes in better shape and cleaner, you can get them in more sizes, you can get them in different weights and colors for different seasons. . .
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    Aprons are for cooking as far as I am concerned. When I see images of some woodworkers wearing thick leather aprons, I think of butchers. And the white linen aprons look the worst.


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    I have an apron. I used it for awhile; I guess I needed to justify the $10 (or thereabouts) price. Never liked it and haven't used it for many years.

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    I wear one about 75% of the time. Mine is a cross back type so the weight of the apron and tools doesn't pull on my neck. I really do like wearing it, not necessarily for keeping my clothes clean, but for having all my measuring tools and pencils handy. One problem that does bother me is the pockets do fill with shavings while using some of my power tools. My wife has had to patch a few tears a couple of times. I think I will see if she can sew some flaps over the pockets to eliminate that.
    It's also good for keeping glue off your clothes.

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    As I've aged my belly has got more and more bulbous and causes the front of my shirt to get a bit grubby. I always wear a leather apron when welding and doing metalwork and now have taken to wearing it all the time in the shed. Shirt fronts have benefited immensely.

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    I wear a shop apron only when staining, painting, or finishing wood. Otherwise for me it is more of an aggravation than a help. I have shop clothes which are less than respectable and then I have the other clothes.
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    I have heavy duty shop clothes I wear. I have a thick leather apron I always wear for the table saw, it has saved me some grief with kick backs, not to mention my clothes.
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    I have one from a local grocery store that closed. Wear it whenever I remember. Nice for pencils and 6 inch rulers etc which of course fall out whenever I take it off.

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    I am a power tool woodworker, I wear a cross strap denim apron.
    It keeps the square, tape measure, pencil, and dust collector remote in the same place all the time.

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    I have one, rarely wear it. Couple reasons: 1. Too hot in summer. 2. Its supposed to keep tools handy, but I end up setting them down all over anyway. I supposed if I wore it religiously, I'd train myself to put rulers and pencils back in pocket, but its hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

    I have a tool pouch type apron, too that works better for me, but again, I rarely wear it.

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    I wear the veritas apron almost 100% of the time. Mostly to hold all the stuff I want on me. Light measuring tape in right pocket. Aluminum try square in left pocket. Pencil, 6in rule in breast slots. But the apron does have to cross back and not around your neck.

    Keeping my shirt clean is just a bonus


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    I don't/won't/wouldn't, but I can definitely see a benefit for making bread. That flour is nasty stuff.

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